“ I've been an audio fanatic for over 20 years. I know the difference between a fair system, a good system, a great system and a world-class system. The problem in LA, or anywhere for that matter is that there are very few people that know how to install a world-class system. I can count them on one hand.

Kevin Brown is one of these installers. I met Kevin about two years ago when I wanted to install a high-end system in my Range Rover. I was hesitant at first because so many people claim to do great work and then fail to meet expectations. I decided to do some research to make sure I found the right person. I looked at some of the past systems he did and I started to see that he had a gift, not just for picking the right components and installing them, but also for tuning which is huge. You can spend lot of money on the right components, but if they are not tuned correctly it will sound like you went to your local shop and got an average system. It's been two years since Kevin installed my system and it still sounds crystal clear and bumps like no other. I will definitely use Kevin for all my future systems. He delivered on his promises and even exceeded them. If you're looking for the best, you need look no further. Kevin is it. “

Pax Prentiss

“I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Kevin Brown over the past ten years. He has always delivered beautiful work on my luxury cars. He is such a great guy and has the most integrity of anyone in the business. I would refer anyone to Kevin that wants the best of the best! Kevin is a true class act!”

Kevin Sands DDS


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